I ride so I can eat

In an attempt to rekindle my joy of writing, I’m going to start blogging a bit more about more mundane things in the hope that it will spur me on to write some more comprehensive entries.

In the last 18 – 24 months I’ve been riding a lot more, and because of that, I’ve been able to indulge in all the food I could ever want. Even to the point where I end up being in calorie deficit over the week. In 2012 I managed just over 11,000km on the bike. For the first 6 months of 2013 I’m a bit behind, at about 4,800km.

For those interested in how much energy you can burn while riding, here’s some very rough numbers. You’ll burn about 400-600kcal per hour depending on work rate, which translates into about 1675 – 2500kJ per hour.  As the average adult daily kJ requirement is about 8700, going riding for 1-2 hours consumes a lot of extra energy.

This can be “reverse engineered” if you have a power meter, or use a site like Strava which will estimate your power output. I’ve read that cycling is about 19-26% efficient in turning “energy spent by the body” into “energy used at the pedal”. So, if you take the values of power and multiply by 4, or 5 (or 4.5 for a middle ground) the numbers should be close.

I’ve always enjoyed eating healthily, and have had a good food intake. Now I’m enjoying cooking for myself, and for George and exploring new and interesting things to cook.  The other part of my cooking is that now (at least for some part of the time) I’m a single Dad, so meals need to be quick and easy to make, and be child friendly.

Over the next couple of weeks/months, I’ll keep posting the things I cook and eat hopefully others will find this useful and enjoyable.