Android Apps that I’ve found

I’ve just recently been thrust into the world of smart-phones, and I must say I’m pretty damn impressed by the volume and quality of Android applications floating around.  I was helped by a few of my US buddies to get started, but after having the phone for a month, I’ve done plenty of searching, sorting and trying things out.

I thought I’d share what I’d found, and open it up to people to tell me about Android applications that they’ve found useful.  My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S (on Optus)

SMS replacement: I’m using ChompSMS and it works pretty well.  Not a huge gain over the standard SMS, but a few nice bells and whistles.

Email replacement: I tried K-9 mail and DroidMail but neither of them can do the “create a calendar entry from this email” which is awesome piece of functionality that the built in Samsung client can do.

Twitter: I find the standard client from Twitter to work just fine.  I hear that Seesmic is really good, but never bothered to be honest.

Barcode ScannerBarcode Scanner v3.5 appears to be “the gold standard”.  It works brilliantly, and is pretty much used by every single application that makes use of the scanner.

Collection Database: If you have books, movies, music that you want to manage and do stuff with, the stand out one is Shelves . This is really awesome, with the ability to import/export to CSV as well as Google spreadsheets, and you can use the barcode scanner to enter information. 

GTD/Tasks:  After trying a whole bunch, I’ve settled on Shuffle, however that’s mostly because I like this most.  Astrid and ActionComplete were both pretty awesome, but didn’t quite work how I like to.

These are all free, not because I’m a complete socialist, but because I’ve not found the need to pay for anything.  At least so far in the Android world, the free and open source application eco-sphere has provided a robust and vibrant application suite to choose from.


How securing things can break things

Thanks very much to my good buddy Steven Johnson (better known as the social media guru @huxley on Twitter) for reporting that my blog comments were completely fucked (my words, not his).

So, after securing my blog comments – I broke them.  Aaargh.  Even after testing them, they appeared to work for me (which was a side-effect of how I did the test) it didn’t work for other people.  Yes, my testing should have been more thorough.

Anyway – I’ve installed reCaptcha after fighting with the default MT Captcha (which is fucking extremely broken in strange and interesting ways) I’m up and working again.  If you find it broken for you – send me an email.