Creativity of children

George has always been interested on being on the blunt side of the camera.  Even from a small age when we took photos, he demanded that we show him the resulting photo.  So, I gave him an old film camera to use which promptly cost me about $100/wk from film and processing – and I decided enough was enough.

grass_george.jpgI had a look at ‘kids cameras’, but they’re basically overpriced crap with shitty resolutions.  In the end I bought a $99 digital camera with a 2gb memory card.  Perfect, he can shoot what he likes (at 6MP) we can delete the complete crap and he has 100’s of photos I can eventually download.

The other day he grabbed Susi’ camera and ran around our backyard taking photos of the cats, through the door and even one of Susi (while she took the photo of him wearing the Christmas hat).

I was however completely astounded by this photo.  It’s not a random shot, and I’ve not cropped it in any way.  He’s deliberately lined up the image and taken it.  Completely surprised me.