Belief is not only for religion

Sitting in a training course on a new product I’m constantly amazed by how belief is substituted for rational analysis.  The product is very nice in some areas, but the ability to market it as a ‘belief’ rather than the actual capabilities is staggering. 

It helps when your product names redefine standard industry terms to create a misleading illusion that it can do more than it really does.

It also explains why I’m never invited to vendor meetings.


2 thoughts on “Belief is not only for religion

  1. “It also explains why I’m never invited to vendor meetings.”
    it’s from the fear you’ll poke holes in their flimsy descriptions of the next piece of wonder technology and people will actually ask questions (or start to question the latest new thing.)
    I recently had a client pull out of a signed contact due to superstitious reasons trying to be passed off as religion. I tried to explain the difference – but no luck… all materials where deleted. oh well.

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