Hypocrisy – India is thy name

I’m somewhat bemused – but not overly surprised at the reaction of both the Indian officials, and the Indian supporters at the outcome of the 2nd Test.
First of all, I’m going to say, the decisions against India were shocking. The umpires were flat out terrible and India definitely got the worst of it. It shouldn’t have been an Australian victory, but it should have been a draw. I’ve never, ever thought Steve Bucknor was a good umpire, but in this test he was awful, as was that weird little bloke from England who looked more like he should be umpiring some local 3rd grade than international cricket.
Regardless of that, I’m a trifle annoyed by the hypocrisy of the sporting world. It seems there is one rule for black, and one for white. Or maybe it’s one rule for the “cricket rich” and one for the “cricket poor”.
When Darren Lehmann, in a change room, allegedly exclaimed “dirty black cunt” after being dismissed, the entire world called for his head, the sacking of just about everybody in Australia and then it’s across the papers that each and every person in Australia is a racist.
Now, when Harbhajan allegedly called Andrew Symonds a “monkey” to his face, when that is reported (after a great fuss about racism in the Indian continent recently) it’s the Australians fault again.
I’m personally of the opinion that neither of them are reportable, and that people should just get on with it. The “world” has decided that racism is only defined on the sporting field (so it seems) – and Harbhajan should have been suspended for 3 matches for being an idiot in saying the same thing to Symonds after the recent Indian tour fuss.
However, people have to live by the one standard. This double standard bullshit pisses me off no end.
But I’m not surprised. My brother worked for a number of years in non-European countries. They would openly laugh about how the “British” are so soft, and will do anything to avoid a conflict, and that they would never stand up to conflict.
This is yet another case of that. The “British” are desperately trying to find an “amicable” solution to this. The ICC are scrambling to make India happy. Why ? Money. India has a huge power in the cricket world due to the money.
Make no doubt, this has nothing to do with Australia/Harbhajan/Racism. This is all about the ICB and flexing its considerable muscle in the cricketing world and seeing how far they can push the ICC. I’m a little sad that idiots like Peter Roebuck can’t see through this facade, but what can you expect from a journalist.
Edit: Seems that India also like to stand around when they know they’re out. And not just a nicked catch, but clean bowled. Harbhajan b Pieterson With that vision I think it’s pretty much time for the Indian supporters to shut the fuck up about holding the high moral ground about Australians being the only “cheaters” on the cricket pitch. All teams do it – India got shit decisions from the umpires – stop carrying on.


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  1. I agree with you with one exception – Harbhajan and Lehmann’s comments were and should have been reportable. Go to any junior cricket game and see how they mimic test players, especially the sledging. Stamp it out now at test level or see racist comments bleed throughout the game.
    Can’t agree more about Roebuck. He’s now called for Ponting to be sacked (his crime was??) – not hugely different to effigy burning.

  2. Don’t you think it is hypocritical for the Australians to be consistently unsportsmanlike in their sledging and aggresiveness and yet whinge when it gets turned back on them? I’m an Aussie but haven’t been enamoured with their attitude for a number of years now — probably since the Steve Waugh era, who was very tough but also very sporting.

  3. Peter,
    If it was about sledging in general, I might agree with you. But it seems that only racist sledging is “wrong”. So you get into this strange situation where the ICC tribunal has to decide whether calling someone of Caribbean heritage a “monkey” is racist. But presumably if they’d just called him a cheat instead, then that would have been fine – and I support Lehmann would have been OK if he’d left out the work “black”.
    ( Disclaimer, I don’t think Symonds is a cheat, but his refusal to walk set him up for some reasonable sledging opportunities )
    If you want to stop these sorts of comments, then just stamp out sledging in general. Fine any player who makes a disparaging remark about any other player, and turn all the cricketing world into unoffensive, upstanding gentlemen.

  4. Personally, I don’t think there’s been any whinging from the Australians (other than the media).
    There was a very strong edict from the ICC prior to the start of the game that _any_ racist behaviour was to be reported.
    Is it not unreasonable to report it then ? It wasn’t reported by the Australians in India, and they made an attempt to defuse the situation at that point. It was just pure stupidity on Harbajhans part to even go down that route.
    Sledging and aggressiveness in sporting contests (which I’ve blogged about before) are not uniquely Australian, however as winners in recent times they have been more consistently pointed out. Viv Richards and Curtly Ambrose would be prime candidates of winners who were merciless in their sledging and aggression towards opponents. Both who I hold no ill will towards, and admire their spirit.
    Why was sledging and aggressiveness of the Australians (and arrogance another of my favourites) not a key issue during the loss of the Ashes ? Because they lost is why.
    Australians in general, and the media in particular love to bash winners. It’s a very Australian cultural cringe. Australians love an underdog, and they love to see a battle “against the odds”.
    Don’t confuse the inches in a newspaper to relevance or importance. There’s only so much that can be written about how “Australia won again against insipid opponents”, and it sells far more papers when you can claim some moral high ground (regardless of your consistency).

  5. I completely agree with Dave 🙂 and yes you can look for a conspiracy theory here(BCCI muscle-flexing ICC), but that would be far-fetched..Peter Roebuck may be just a journalist..but i guess..even Steve Waugh says he would’ve let it go and settled it amicably, instead of being a whining baby..!
    I see that its a failure of both the captains in finding an amicable solution here and should’ve kept the spirit of the Game going.

  6. You are right here Prakesh. It would have been much better handled on all sides by the captains handling it.
    Why is Ponting being branded a whiner here ? He followed an ICC directive, as a captain, to perform his duty. Or does that duty only relate to non-white players/captains and teams ala the Darren Lehmann incident ? Or was that not whining ? Was that searching out and punishing a fearsome racist ? It’s fucking hypocrisy is what it is.
    Where are the complaints about Yuvraj not being suspended. I think we can all agree that much less has been reported/fined/suspended. Nobody has said a word. Not a single inch of newspaper has been spent regarding those.
    And please, the amount of whining about the umpiring from the Indian team and supporters has been excessive. Yes it was shit umpiring. Yes, the Indian team got the worst of it. However, Australia made 400 on a wearing pitch with little “umpiring help” – where’s the accolades for that ?
    Why are India not being called whiners and crybabies for not accepting the umpires decision ? (Or the match referee for that matter) ?
    What happened to “accept the umpires decision?”
    That’s the hypocrisy I just don’t understand.

  7. >> If you want to stop these sorts of comments, then just stamp out sledging in general
    Healy re Ranatunga “put a Mars Bar on a good length that should do the trick” – that’s not wrong, it’s funny. The Australian’s aren’t whinging – they reported a racist comment.

  8. hi there,
    I’m an Indian — just to be sure 🙂
    all said and done, yuvraj and harbhajan need to be investigated and whatever comes of the outcome, they should be fined. But there’s an appeal process — That’s what they’re talking about. If harbhajan indeed said that in a racial tone, he should be ashamed(and deservedly punished). After all, it’s not long since the British’s hegemony in India and apartheid. Coming from an Indian, that would be very very shameful. But then, let’s wait for the appeals process.
    There’s a long held belief in India(Asia/Africa) that the WHITES discriminate against the BROWNs and BLACKs; it comes out to play whenever enough number of people feel that they’ve been discriminated against. This is one such occasion; I’m sure the press can work up the masses. Not sure what the truth is this time around.
    When Australian captain Ponting appeals to a FLOORED catch (see http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2008/jan/07prem.htm


    people are asking why he should NOT be banned as well ? He had the gumption to tell a journalist that the journalist shouldn’t deserve to have been there since Pointing’s integrity was questioned. See the youtube about Gavaskar’s comments about why Ponting’s integrity should be questioned.
    All said and done, when the dust settles, we will know. Let’s NOT jump to conclusion yet : it’s very easy to let our nationality and pride(ego) to mar a series that comes once in 4 years!
    Peter Roebuck : Idiots ??(http://www.smh.com.au/news/cricket/arrogant-ponting-must-be-fired/2008/01/07/1199554571883.html) It’s not obvious why he is an idiot : would your care to share why you think he’s an idiot ?
    I trust that as things settle down, better senses(hopefully NOT just economic senses) will prevail and each gets what he(they) deserves!
    Thank you,

  9. Hey Anjan,
    I’m completely unconcerned as to your background, and do appreciate your comments.
    Ponting was referring to the first innings when he didn’t claim a catch in slips, and told the umpires that it wasn’t out. He used this as an example of his integrity when accused of lacking such.
    The “floored catch” – while looking worse in slow motion than in normal speed. It’s reasonable to assume that either he felt that he had full control of the catch prior to the ball being on the ground, or he didn’t know.
    Again, it is the job of the players to appeal, and the job of the umpires to deny. Players of both teams should never, ever be pillioried for both standing their ground until given out by the umpire, nor appealing for catches, runouts, stumpings or LBW (I’ll admit there is a line here). If a player decides they want to walk, then that is completely up to them, but it’s got nothing to do with the “rules of cricket”. Cricket has never been a gentlemans game at the highest level, regardless of what sentimental old fools or journalists would have you believe.
    This has nothing to do with nationality, but to do with hypocrisy.
    As for Roebuck, he’s actually saying that Harbajhan should be let off because the Australians “out of the sides of their mouths” taunted him into making a racist remark. Seriously, this is hypocrisy and racism in the highest order. He is purely writing a piece of anti-Australian gibberish, with no regard of bias, nor of responsible journalism. Calling for Gilchrist and Hayden to be sacked along with Ponting (for what I’m not sure) and a sainthood for Harbajhan because he’s making an earning for 9 children (how’s that’s relevant I’m not sure)
    In fact, if Harbajhan is let off, I hope Darren Lehmann sues the ICC and CA for lost earnings.
    I’m just incensed that this test will not be remembered for a great fight, great innings by Laxmann, Tendulkar (who are both brilliant) as well as a great recovery by Symonds (who was lucky) and a brilliant second innings by Australia.
    I said in my first post, this has to do with consistency. The umpiring was terrible, and the root cause of much of the frustration, but taking it out on the Australian team, who handled the pressure _much better_ than the Indian team is simply _not on_.
    I spoke with friends during the game, and said that was the difference. Dravid got a good one in the first innings, but failed to capitalise. Symonds got a good one, and did. Lack of mental toughness lost it for the Indians, nothing more, nothing less.
    Toughen up boys. Don’t act like spoilt children (“waaa-waaa, I’m taking my bat and ball and going home”).

  10. Disclaimer: I am an Indian, so my biases might show up.
    I think this is clearly a case of cultural differences. I don’t know if Harbajan called Symonds “Monkey”, but even if he had, i don’t think it needs to be branded “racism”. And i very much would say the same about the behaviour of Aussies, i would just treat it to be their way of playing cricket. I think the issue is being blown out of proportion and mishandling by everyone including the ICC. I hope someone in the ICC has some sense and brings back sanity back into the game. We should treat series like these as a perfect opportunity to understand differences in cultures instead of whining about them.
    About the Indians making so much noise about the poor umpiring decisions, it is not too difficult to understand why. Now everyone knows how good Australians are, they are the best team now playing. Some poor decisions are not gonna affect them as bad as it did for the Indians. I think it is again with the ICC to bring some changes in the umpiring. They need to help the umpires with better technology to make decisions( it is unfortunate that technology is seen as a threat to the ground umpires).

  11. Suresh, wonderful comments which I agree with.
    I don’t believe Harbhajan is racist, but merely foolish. It was a silly word to say – especially in light of what went on in India (the supporters saying this to Symonds)
    This has been blown completely out of proportion by the media (as usual), and we have unfortunately missed out on accolades to VVS, Tendulkar, Hussey and Hayden. All who made magnificent contributions during the test.
    I’m very, very sad that Tendulkar has this as memories of his last tour of Australia. However, I think _both_ teams are at fault here – and the international media.
    Australian players could do with a bit more sensitivity when dealing with the sub-continent players and teams who are traditionally (and culturally) prone to take offence at words far more than England/SAf and West Indies.

  12. So Jony bro…………..the Indian team learnt their lessons, they whined for a while and then,they took the bat and ball, and they practiced hard at the nets (mate, they didnt go home….looks like someone is reading ur blog clearly) and screwed the Aussie team in the last match. I know Aus have screwed us earlier and will do so in the future but for a moment it was the turn of the subcontinent babies. Finally, I agree umpiring was bad….people make mistakes….some ppl from both the teams may have been racist in the past but history will record this match as a resurgence of the Indian team. I hope you agree now that the Indian babies have started crawling.
    PS: Keep provoking the Indian team, it seems that inspires them to win. And will ensure readers (including myself) come to ur blog.

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