2007 – The year that was

It’s been an awesome year. The first full calendar year of being a Dad, and George is growing both mentally and physically – as well as his ever increasing confidence and stubbornness. Some people have cruelly suggested that his father is responsible for his single minded determination and expression of frustrations when he can’t get or do what he wants. While it would be unfair of me to take all the credit, there’s certainly a significant part that comes from me. That’s pretty scary in it’s own right.
We’ve gone from very simple words at the beginning of the year, such as “cat”, “mummy”, “daddy” to “daddies glasses”, “georgies tummy” to full on conversations.
George: “Yoghurt gone”
Me: “Where has it gone Georgie ?”
George: “Hiding”
Me: “Oh really, where is it hiding”
George: (Pulls up t-shirt and points) “Tummy”
Me: “Was the yoghurt good ?”
George: (Enthusiastically) “mmmm-mmmmmmm”
Last night was a pretty special ending for the year for me. As we were putting George to bed as part of our ritual we kiss him and put him to bed, and we all have a cuddle, a kiss, say we love each other, and good night. We’ve been saying “I love you George” since he was born, and last night I got a “I love you daddy-bear” in response. I was very excited, but unfortunately it made Sue very sad as I think she’s been really hanging out for the first “I love you”.
On the work front -it’s been a year of victories interspersed with a similar volume of frustrations. Large organisations continue to confound me with their politics driven decision making, as well as general stupidity in the areas of software development. I can confidently state that large organisations “just don’t get it”. I’m not sure what the disconnect is – maybe it’s the volume of “Computer Books/Magazines” that are about that gives the impression that what I do is simple, because I’m yet to come across senior management in any large organisation that understands the important parts of optimising software development – and _how_ to make it better/faster/cheaper.
So, I’d say 2007 has been a success and am really looking forward to what 2008 brings.


2 thoughts on “2007 – The year that was

  1. Happy new year to you and your family. Great to hear George is doing great.
    Re the later part of your blog post…
    Should we have any ‘solution’ to fix the problem with large companies being ignorant about doing software the ‘right’ way.
    There are many people like you who complain about management not getting it, but will it ever change? Surely there’s a reason why they do what they did, and left people like us/you complaining.
    I’d say it’s similar to Bob Lee and Obie’s comments at each other (check out Bob’s blog). “You don’t know what you don’t know”!
    Bob claimed that Obie is just a half decent programmer who’s mesmerized by DHH. And Obie claimed that Bob doesn’t know him, that Obie was a guru at Thoughtworks, and so on so forth.
    But coming from Bob Lee’s mouth, that made a huge difference.
    You don’t know why senior management can’t understand the important of optimising software development. I’m sure from their point of view, there are other important things that you don’t know and they don’t see optimising software development as anything important. You don’t know what you don’t know.
    And here to years ahead of us where people will still be unable to see from each others’ perspective. Cheers!!!

  2. Thanks for the comments. However just a clarification. I’m well versed in many of the reasons that management _want_ to do software optimisation, and the business reasons behind it.
    Where I’m frustrated is their inability to get the _how_ done right. The desire is there to make it “better”, but they keep chosing “worse”.
    Without wishing to resort to dick waving, but 20 years of successful software development in teams does give me the right to tell management _how_ to solve their software problems.

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