Why some recruitment agencies are pond scum

I got this unsolicited turd in my email today. I’ve reproduced it in it’s entirety because I want to make sure that nobody has any dealings with these morons.
First of all, my CV is almost entirely Java, secondly I explicitly have put on my website that if you contact me, you’d better have done your research.
Finally, the one thing that caps it all off, is the atrocious spelling and grammar. What a pack of idiots. If you’re an employer, do yourself a favour and have nothing to do with these guys.
Fucking recruiters, damn leeches.
Dear Jon Eaves,
Greetings!! We come across your CV in internet. We have an immediate
opportunity with major financial institution in SYDNEY CBD for C++
We believe you do have the required skill set. Permanent and Contract
both opportunities are existing.
Client offers competitive rates.
If you are looking for change in your career, please do forward your
updated CV immediately.
Narendra Kamalapuri, HR Director
ZSoft Technologies Pty Ltd
4/12, Russell Street
Mob:0404 247 270


One thought on “Why some recruitment agencies are pond scum

  1. Hey man,
    I’m a designer and I totally feel you. I get emails like this from temp agency scum all the time. They do nothing but take your money. Not only that they try to lure people in to sign their contract which states you can’t work for anyone they show your cv to and then they send it to everyone they know without your permission. So now if you apply somewhere the hiring person has to turn you down if the agency sent your resume first for like a year. They are scum of the earth who do nothing and make nothing in life just living off the work and talent of others. Fucking vampires!

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