Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

We had a family holiday to the mountains for the weekend, and went with some very good family friends and stayed at a little rental place in Buxton (near Marysville, Vic).
From Marysville, it’s a very short trip (about 20km) to Lake Mountain, one of Australias best Nordic skiing places, but most of all, lots of easy to access snow for George to play in.
It was the first time (and I’m sure it’s not going to be the last) that George will experience snow. I was surprised by how good his balance was, and even when his little feet were slipping, he managed to stay upright.
We bought him a little red snow suit, which was just awesome.

Let him walk around

Took him up a hill

And pushed him down it.

I think we can all agree he enjoyed his day.


2 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

  1. Hi from London
    WoW George is huge now !! Glad you guys are doing so well 🙂 Really happy for you all 🙂
    Vanessa and Mike

  2. Soooo cute!!
    Bella giggled when she saw the picture. I asked if she was jealous – cos we have never taken the kids to the snow… she said “nah – I like the warm weather better”. Ahhh – that’s my girl!!

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