Out of the mouth of babes

George is 1 year old today. He’s now got a number. I remember first seeing him, and crying for joy. I was so choked up at his birth that I couldn’t ring the 10-12 friends and family that I had on my list to ring. I still feel that way every day I see him.
The really good things about being a dad. Well, everything.
The really bad things about being a dad. Well, nothing much.
I’m a bit luckier than Susi on the sleep front for a couple of reasons. The first being that I’ve never really slept that much, probably 5-6 hours a night is ok for me, and I get all sore and achey if I spend more than 8 hours in bed. Susi is a 10 hour a night sleeper, so she hurts a bit with the change. The second is, well, I don’t have to get up, so I actually tend to get my 5-6 hours sleep most nights. Susi never gets 10 hours.
He’s gone from being a cuddly little koala, to a wriggly little worm, and now he’s definitely a little boy. He plays games, loves initiating conversation and interaction like “peek-a-boo” and puts his hands on his head to play the “put your hand on your head” game.
He understands the world around him, so we can play games where he picks up one of his toys, and I can say “put it in the fireplace” – and he’ll crawl over and drop it in, turn around and look very pleased with himself. Of course, I’m cheering and encouraging all the way.
Finally, the 2 things that really make being a dad the most special and best thing in the whole world. The look in his eyes when he spots me getting off the train. He’s got the most beautiful blue eyes, and they just fill with light and sparkle and he looks towards me and makes his happy little “ooh, ooh, ooh” noise.
The next thing is when he’s going to bed, Susi will often read his books to him, and as he’s going into his bedroom, he calls out “Da-da” to get me to put him into bed, and I get the most amazing cuddles and big open mouth sloppy wet kiss.
Nothing can prepare you for being a parent. Nothing anybody tells you makes any sense, and you don’t have any context to put “parenthood” into. It’s just not like anything else I could even get you to imagine.
I will share a final thought about what parenthood is to me. It’s an “amplifier”. Everything is better, worse, faster, slower, bigger, smaller, terrifying, joyous. There’s no “normal day” any more. It’s all a huge great big rollercoaster of your emotions and experiences. It’s fucking great.
Susi’s story about the first year


My own number

Thanks to Ed Felton, I now own my own number.
82 73 4E AC 37 7D 43 11 CA CA A7 5D 49 F8 F8 1C
Should anybody use this to encrypt or decrypt things, or as a seed, or even if the data you create produces this as a hash, I’ll be forced to sue you. The DMCA will help me.
As a result of this, BouncyCastle will prevent you from ever using this as a key to protect BC users from my lawsuits. (*)
Thanks Ed
(*) Humour.