A memo to George Eaves

Dear George,
It is no longer daylight savings time. This means that you, and the rest of the house get to sleep for an additional hour. I know you might be a bit confused because you don’t read clocks, and really it is the same time, but it’s not. 5:30am is not the same as 6:30am.
Your mother and father are rather tired. So, in the interests of harmony at home, I suggest you read this memo and act on it accordingly.
  — dad


4 thoughts on “A memo to George Eaves

  1. Dear George,
    I will be sending dad in at 5:30 to see you. I am sure it is his turn.
    Love Mum

  2. Hehehehe…
    At age 3, James can read a clock and know he’s not supposed to get up until the clock says 6am (and we’re gradually altering the clock in his room so it’s really 7am).
    Trouble is, he chooses to ignore these instructions, so it’s not really a successful plan – yet!
    I sympathise.

  3. Well, at least the good news is that I’m getting up early, and meeting some of the other Dads in a similar position.
    Also, while in the coffee shop this morning, a mum wandered in with 2 early school age children and a ” daylight savings change is hard”.

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