Where is the green sheep ?

Susi and I read a lot to George, and one of his newer books is “Where is the green sheep?” by Mem Fox.
He really enjoys having it read to him, and the style of the book (familiar to most parents I’m sure) is “Here is the X sheep, here is they Y sheep, here is the Z sheep, but where is the green sheep”. Then rinse/repeat.
Where X,Y and Z are things like “thin, wide, train, car, moon, star, up, down, slide, band, clown” All beautifully illustrated.
So, we get to one particular pair of sheep set in a beach scene. One is standing on the shore flying a kite, and the other is out in the water surfing.
“Here is the wind sheep. Here is the wave sheep.”
As soon as we get to this page, George looks at the surfing sheep, and waves to them.
Clever little boy.


3 thoughts on “Where is the green sheep ?

  1. Absolute fave of our kids as well. It was one of the first books that our youngest learned by heart (at 2 1/2 or so). The pictures provide good cues, so he could turn the page and ‘read’ to anyone – or just to himself.
    His cute element was “… and here is the star sheep.” At which point he’d stop the narrative and single Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (with actions).

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