Houston, we have lift off

While not quite as dramatic, nor as rapid, but probably not as dangerous (yet).
Georgie has started to become mobile, and provided much entertainment yesterday as he chased around his stick of “special cream” (sunscreen) on the lawn.
I’d just finished putting on the sunscreen (it’s a bright pink rollon) and he was intent on grabbing the container from my hands as I was doing it. So, I tossed the sunscreen about 5m away and said to George, “Well, if you want it, you can go and get it”.
George looked at me, looked at the sunscreen and then proceeded to drag/crawl his away across the (rather wet) lawn the 5m needed to capture his prize.
He was very chuffed when he got there and proceeded to cram the new found item into his mouth, grass and all.
I wasn’t cruel enough to remove it from his grasp just yet (while being mindful of the choking hazard and the potential panic from Mum) so I picked him up, plonked him on his mat and let him eat it for a while. Eventually I distracted him with another toy, pocketed the sunscreen and the world was a good place.
Now, we just need to motivate the little man to do some more exploring on his own and he’ll be off and going.