Dearth of new SF books

Over the weekend I went to our local Borders and was strolling through the SF section looking for something to read.
I was seeing if there was anything that looked vaguely interesting, but sadly I couldn’t find any new books or authors that attracted me.
I’m a fan of authors like Iain Banks, and not so much a fan of “The Elfstones of Wiggardy (Book 4 of 19)”.
All the books in the shelves, I either had, or were of “The Elfstones” ilk.
Are there any recommendations out there of some SF to read ? I felt kinda depressed when I left.


6 thoughts on “Dearth of new SF books

  1. I’d recommend anything by Timothy Zahn and Richard Morgan. I’d also second all three authors that Jeremy Miller recommended, although Reynolds overwrites a bit too much sometimes for my liking.
    I’m also going to put a (related but shameless) plug for a site that’s been 9 years in the offing. is a news and review site for science fiction and should be live in the next few weeks 🙂 Hopefully you’ll be able to go there for recommendations next time.

  2. Well, you could always re-read The Wasp Factory?
    How about J. G. Ballard? ok, he hasn’t been sci-fi for years, but still makes for good reading…

  3. I ran into the same problem a couple of months ago, so I decided to look into the past. I found a list of all of the SF books that won both the Hugo and Nebula awards.
    Of the 19 books I had not read 9 of them. Instant reading list.

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