Kisses !

Saying goodbye to George this morning, I got my first kiss. It was a big open mouth, full of dribble, clamped firmly on my bottom lip and chin.
It was the most amazing, beautiful thing you could possibly imagine.
I’m full of smiles today.


Dearth of new SF books

Over the weekend I went to our local Borders and was strolling through the SF section looking for something to read.
I was seeing if there was anything that looked vaguely interesting, but sadly I couldn’t find any new books or authors that attracted me.
I’m a fan of authors like Iain Banks, and not so much a fan of “The Elfstones of Wiggardy (Book 4 of 19)”.
All the books in the shelves, I either had, or were of “The Elfstones” ilk.
Are there any recommendations out there of some SF to read ? I felt kinda depressed when I left.