Coolest idea in ages

Yeah, it’s from where I work, but it’s still so cool that I’d link it if it was a competitor.
I used this image


8 thoughts on “Coolest idea in ages

  1. Heritage started doing this a few months back… Check out I had a bet with a friend that a major bank would pick it up before the end of the year.
    Pay close attention to that chip at the end, folks… these personalised cards make creating knock-off cards a lot easier (bad quality printing? Oh, it’s just a bad photo), so having the chip with the cryptographic signature is damn important. Shame that there are so few readers for them yet – that’s probably why Heritage didn’t bother.
    Oh, and I wouldn’t use a light background. I know from experience that reading the numbers on my Suncorp ClearOptions Visa card can be a pain – transparent text on a transparent background is hard to see. I’d imagine that silver text on a light background would be painful also (I noticed that they don’t change the text colour based on the image)
    The ANZ site looks better, though. I think the stock art for Heritage looks better, but the point of this sort of thing isn’t to use the stock art, after all.

  2. Just went and looked. Exactly the same system Robert. Must be a product/service company out there that sells the software/website that does it.
    Yes, the images at heritage are much better, but as you say, who’s going to use the stock images.
    Those people looking at Heritage, use (add in the www) or the configuration of the web application server means the request isn’t served.
    Very, very cool stuff. My sources tell me this project has been going on for about 1 year, it’s just that companies the size of ANZ move so terribly, terribly slowly.

  3. Nice idea.
    It is quite odd that does not resolve when that address is given in ads though.

  4. Certainly not to bag out ANZ too much (because, I agree, they have a great idea with this) but it is a bit of a blooper that the URL they use in the TVCs doesn’t resolve (it needs ‘www.’ added to work which is not what they have in the TVC).
    I mentioned this in a recent post ( but it seems that it is yet to be sorted out. If you can get word to someone who can sort this out I am sure it will assist confused ANZ customers who see the adverts and want to check the site out.

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