Food, glorious food

George had his first taste of “solid” food on the weekend. I hesitate to call it real food, because it’s pretty much what I imagine gruel to be. This white, grainy, tasteless paste.
Sue and I were a little interested to see how he’d take to food. Certain babies take a while to get used to the whole eating thing, and show different levels of interest in the whole “from the spoon, with the mouth open, then close the mouth and swallow”. George being 4 weeks prem made him a likely candidate to just have it sit on his tongue and dribble out the corner of his mouth while smiling.
So, Sue mixed up the gruel while I strapped George into his chair, cleared the surrounding area, put on my containment suit and goggles and we got to it.
First mouthful was a little suprising, he just rolled it in his mouth for a bit, and we both were like, “hmm, he eaten that yet?”. What really made up our minds was George nearly grabbing the spoon from Sue’s hand, and dragging it towards his open mouth. If you can imagine a wild beast lurching at it’s prey, then you’ve got the right idea. Except not so wild, and the prey is more like, well, watery sand.
Sue and I laughed out loud at this. This ravenous little beast, literally grabbing at the food as we try and give it to him. This led to him leaning as far as he could in his chair with his mouth wide open straining to reach the spoon of mush.
Ah, very, very funny.
This Wednesday we’ll be trying pumpkin or sweet potato for the evening meal. Yummo, real food !

Swimming, swimming, swimming

On the weekend we took George to the local pool. Equipped with his spanky pair of “Nemo ™” nappy swimmers and what we hoped was a loved for water we ventured forth.
Armed with some helpful tips from a sister-in-law (who’s a trained child swimming instructor) we thought “how hard can this be?”.
As it turned out – “Not at all”.
We were pretty confident George liked water, as he loves his bath, and we’ve been splishing water on him since he started so he is kinda used to having it on his face. We also thought he’d be ok as during bath time, I spend about 50% of my time cleaning him, and 50% of my time keeping him from twisting his head so he can drink the bath water.
“Hold George out in front of you, facing you” was the advice given. Worked great. George likes going forward, not so much going backwards. I started with some gentle moving, then more vigorous bouncing. Well, that brought lots of big laughs and giggles, until a little too much and a small dunking occurred.
Uh-oh. Cough-splutter. Then George just looked at me, looked at Susi, licked his chin and dunked his head into the pool for a good drink. Hmm, doesn’t seem to be an issue with worried about water on the face. Laughing, I extracted my son from the pool.
“Babies get cold easily – pool should be 30 degrees – watch for him going blue”. At this stage (about 10 minutes in the “big pool”) George was getting chilly, so we tottered off to the “kiddie pool” (a warm shallow pool) where we sat for the next 15 minutes or so, amusing George with some bouncing and splashing games.
Next trip will hopefully be this weekend, and we’ll take some photos and remember to take some things for him to play with in the water.
All-in-all, a very good start.