George is learning new things every day. His latest new talent is to lie in bed and squeal. We get to hear all sorts of squeals of different pitch and duration. None of these seem to be him being upset, as when we quietly wander in to watch him, he’s waving his hands excitedly as he makes the noise, seemingly quite happy with the new found talent that he has. I’d like to encourage George to test out his new talent at a time other than 5:30 am, but encouraging learning seems to be a better option.
Watching George learn at a tremendous rate made me think a bit more about what I do when I learn. My work learning has slowed a bit recently as my “parent” learning has ramped up. I suppose there is only so many new things I feel I can incorporate right now, and my son has a higher priority than work.
I still get the same level of excitement as George when I learn new things. While not waving my arms in the air in excitement, learning new things brings a smile to my face, and a sense of achievement.
Maybe some days we all need to go back and wave our arms in the air, just to rekindle our joy at learning. It might do us all some good.