12 weeks

George is 12 weeks old on Sunday. Looking at him with my Daddy goggles on, he’s the most beautiful boy in the whole world.
This photo was taken today as we went for our Saturday brunch/walk. He’s wearing a new hoody that Susi bought him. At times he looks like Kenny (from South Park) if we zip it up. He’s not too keen on that.
I love this photo as much as the one of him on my arm from a previous blog entry. There is something about his eyes that makes me wonder if he already knows everything, but is just going to let us know bits when he thinks we are ready to deal with his wisdom.

Click on the image for a larger version.


3 thoughts on “12 weeks

  1. Of course he is the most beautiful boy in the world!!
    I am feeling very slack that I haven’t been to visit for soooo long – which I must rectify.
    see ya soon

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