Growing up

George is 10 weeks old today. He’s just over 5 kg and still growing strong. He’s been healthy and happy and best of all is smiley and giggly at various times during the day.
He’s gone from being really passive to quite active (this is a comparison, not an absolute ) and is quite happy to let us know how he’s feeling.
Watching your little one smile for the first time is the most special thing in the whole wide world, and what’s just as great is when you’re lying there chatting with them, and they look you right in the eye and give you a huge big smile followed by a “happy gurgle”.
Here’s some photos of George’s first smiles, Uncle Peter was the proud holder of George at that time.
First smiles
With Uncle Peter
Mum & Dad came over to visit a couple of weeks ago, along with my brother (Nick) and his wife (Mandie) who are just back from Qatar to return to life in Tasmania.
Here’s some photos of their stay…
With Auntie Mandie
With Uncle Nick
With Pop Trev
With Nanny Pam
My Mum (Nanny Pam) brought over a rug for him to lie on, which he just loves.
Rolling on the rug
Rug time with Mum
Susi took George for a field trip down to Warranambool to visit the other grandparents.
With Gran
A clean George, fresh from his bath.
Naked time after a bath
My favourite photo of my little man. He’s just cuddling his dad, wide awake and looking at the world.
Hello World!


2 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. Oh, GEORGE growing up. That makes sense. Had me going for a minute there.
    Very cute photos. He certainly has a gleam in his eye!

  2. Some new photos at last, and VERY cute ones!
    My favorite is the after bath photo.
    Looking forward to having a cuddle again soon
    Love Kylie

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