We’re recruiting !

The World of Warcraft guild that I play with is looking for T1/T2 geared rogues and priests to come join us.
We’re Oceanic, we’re doing AQ40 (cleared up to and including Twin Emps) and Naxx (trash clearing mostly, starting boss kills soon-ish) and raid in GMT+10 friendly times (6pm – 10pm AEST).
Server transfers are now open from everywhere to everywhere (from what I can work out) so if you’re stuck raiding with a US guild and want to be able to play in a better timezone, and have the luxury of discussing AFL, Cricket, Rugby (both kinds), Football (European kind) as well as poking fun at the NZ Guildmembers then come and find out about us.
If you want to find out more, send me an email – or chat in-game. You’ll normally find me playing my rogue – Pewsey.
Server: Dragonblight, Guild: Crux
(Go to the Forums link, there’s a recruitment section)


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  1. I am impressed that you can still juggle baby, wife, work and wow. I was forced to quit more than 6 months before our dtr was due 😦

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