Work, feh

Back at work. Missing my little man. How do other parents cope ? This really sucks.


4 thoughts on “Work, feh

  1. Well, my sister in law went part time and my brother got a new job where he works from home most of the time. I’m not sure what anyone else does…

  2. The lack of family friendly workplaces in I.T. really, really sux.
    Go for the part time thing Jon !
    Its very hard to get part-time work in IT, at least thats my experience in Melbourne.
    Unless of course, you are your own boss, or can find a similarly enlightened boss/client, or can make it a precondition for accepting a position (hi Steve) 🙂
    But its well worth pushing for. IMHO, the hardest part is having to deal with the flack questioning your “committment”, you wierdo. The alternative is realising in about 15 years time that your son has managed to grow up without you being there to notice.

  3. hey Jon, I’ve worked part time for the last four and a half years for exactly that reason! Four days per week at work, one day with just me and the two boys. They’re so different without their mum around…
    Sure, it’s hard to do the job in 4 days, because the expectations of performance don’t change – so it’s a bit of “paid part-time, work full-time”… but it’s sooo worth it. 🙂

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