Even more George

As requested….
Dad giving George a bath
This is my favourite photo.
After the first couple of baths that were a little too cold in which George screamed his way through them, Susi and I have warmed them up a little and he now loves a bath from Dad.
I’ve only nearly accidentally drowned him twice, and a little coughing and spluttering later he’s ok. Note, they’re slippery little suckers and can be quite wriggly.


5 thoughts on “Even more George

  1. Poor bugger has you two for parents, no wonder he wants to spend most of his time asleep 😉
    We’re very happy for both of you – congratulations again!
    Aidan & Abigail

  2. Chill kid, you only have to survive another 18 years …
    Thought I might check out your blog to see what was happening. Congrats to y’self and Sue. Now, lets discuss his name …

  3. Wait until he gets big enough to share a bath with dad. Once they stack on the pounds (one of the rare times in life where this is acceptable behaviour) and energy, holding them over a bath becomes, quite literally, a pain in the back. Solution: jump in with them; lots more fun, lots less hassle, although there is the ever present risk of “other things” joining you in the bath as well. I don’t think anymore details are needed.

  4. How heartwarmingly lovely not only to hear that you two are parents, but how you are obviously enjoying the experience so much.
    What a lucky little boy George is.
    Congratulations to you both – sure hope I can get to meet him one day – maybe we’ll all be in Melbourne together.

  5. Sue just pointed out that you’re not bathing the baby in the sink. Unless this is just a publicity shot…

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