Hello George, we’ve been waiting to meet you

George Eaves, baby boy, born 14th May @ 11:37am (Mothers Day), 6 pounds 14 ounces, to a very tired mother and a hopelessly teary father.
Sue and George are doing great, dad is getting there.
I’m so proud of my wife, it makes my heart ache, and tears well in my eyes. I can’t imagine it is possible to be any happier than I am right now.
Thanks to all the family and friends who’ve sent well wishes.. Sorry to those who I forgot to tell in time, but I’ve had other things on my mind. We do still love you all, but it was more sudden than we thought it would be.
Just Born with Mum
Having a sleep
All snuggled up
A teary father


30 thoughts on “Hello George, we’ve been waiting to meet you

  1. a Most excellent Mother’s Day!
    Jon, I think after looking at the piccies
    of you, George and Sue, you have definitely
    ended up looking the worse for wear.
    Congratulations to you all.

  2. He still managed to make the night’s Molten Core run and even hang around for a world dragon kill afterwards. I’m so proud. 😉
    (Congratulations again =D)

  3. It’s hard to move me to tears at 5am when I’m half asleep, but that phone call pretty much did it, so happy for you all. Cazz sends her best wishes as well.

  4. Fabulous news guys – not to mention the reduced hassles of not having to remember Mothers’ Day _and_ little G’s birthday.
    Does this make it “Jeaves” and “Geaves”?
    Very well done to you both!

  5. Sweeeeeet. Very, very happy for you guys. Shame North couldn’t conjure a win yesterday as well…

  6. Sue and Jon,
    Congrats, he’s a cutie! Impatient bugger, he was supposed to turn up on my daughter Sara’s birthday!!!

  7. Congratulations Jon & Sue (& George!)
    Seeing the pictures brings a tear to my eye as well, see you all soon
    Zaph (in transit)

  8. Congratulations to all three of you, at varying levels of involvement. I know you were really looking forward to this – I hope it brings you everything you were looking for, and more

  9. Such fantastic news! The good folk of ACP HR are very excited and send lots of hugs and smooches to George and to lovely mum and dad!
    Can’t wait to hear all the details Sue! A huge congrats!!

  10. Fantastic news – glad to hear all are well and beautiful – which was a given anyway. Well done George – you picked fabulous parents! Wishing you all joy, health, sunshine and some sleep!

  11. Well done, Sir Jon and Lady Eaveseseses! And welcome to George. Although there are probably a few sleepless nights ahead of you, there will be lots of joy too. Congratulations.

  12. Yeah hi, I’m enquiring about the signed David Boon jock strap, advertised as “urgent sale needed because family has expanded”. Yeah, uh, well Boonie he’s a legend – deadset legend – y’know, went to Charles St School just like my Nan, then went to Launceston Grammar, not like my Nan, please advise if jockstrap is unwashed or not. And does it come with genuine Boonie Bristles from his upper lip? That DNA is priceless – his mum played hockey for Australia (and if she didn’t then she shoulda!) I love youse all, especially if you still have that jockstrap. From Macca

  13. Yeah hi I’m calling about the Ricky Ponting thigh pad you had advertised in the Trading Post. All youse need to know that Ricky is a top Lonny lad – dad is a top golfer, top golfing family, love their sports, all look the same, same hairy forearms and bald spot. I’m concerned that any right-minded person would want to part with such an item, even if you need to “make room for baby stuff” like your ad says. PS: have you sold the Merv Hughes Beautiful Body Diet Planner or the Ian Botham Hair Restorer or the Vat of Mutton Bird Oil or the Stradavarius? Youse lot must be desperate. PPS: waddayathink of the Roos? PPPS: Tassie is a top state, and any of youse that makes a joke about us Tasmanians don’t know what youse are missing, a night out on the town in Lonny beats the pants of anyfink on offer in your northern cities like Moe, Dubbo, Ipswich or Oodnadatta. And youse reckon we are all styoopid! Howard Florey was a Tasmanian! Harold Gatty was (they named Campbell Town after him) and so was that Fysh bloke that set up Qantas – top Tasmanians, top Australians – and then there’s John Batman who settled Melbourne from Launceston. PPPPS: Is George’s middle name Robbo, named after me? Top name that, Robbo!

  14. Dear Sue & Jon
    Congratulations and welcome to George! Fantastic news. Yeah a boy, a playmate for Max and Jack and someone for me to deposit 10 boxes of boys clothes too. Can’t wait to see you both and to meet George.
    Carolyn, David, Jack & Max xxxx
    ps: LOVE the name

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