Tibco General Interface

I was browsing an Artima article and came across a sponsored link to a AJAX GUI Framework called Tibco General Interface.
Clicked around a bit and found this screencast from Jon Udell here
Has anybody used this ? Want to share some comments ? Post them publicly here, or send me private email. This seems somewhat interesting.


7 thoughts on “Tibco General Interface

  1. WOW! That looks awesome…almost as good as Flex πŸ˜›
    Just what we need, yet another GUI widget framework that demos really well and is really good if you want ot build an IDE πŸ˜‰
    Seriously though, it does look interesting but my seemingly flippent remarks are only partly tongue-in-cheek. I want to hear what it’s like to use from someone who a) didn’t write the thing and b) doesn’t think the word “framework” is something to boast about πŸ˜‰

  2. Well yes, I agree with your sentiments Simon. Hence my request for people who’ve used it.
    Personally, I think that building rich clients in a browser is insanely stupid for a whole bunch of reasons, but we have plenty of customers who for some strange reason want to spend their money in that way.
    I like the look of a Javascript based framework rather than a Flex based framework because I’m hoping that it’s inherently more testable.

  3. I’m not a GUI developer, and I haven’t built anything real with it, but I’ve been on the training.
    I can’t say too much, but it certainly aint all roses from a developer’s perspective – no syntax highlighting or completion are the pretty obvious ones.
    Oh, and for the moment the IDE and the resulting app will only work in IE6 (eeewwww!).
    Anyway, it’s free for developers, so you can play with it as much as you like.
    In fact it’s also free if you build a publicly available app. I guess they are really hoping someone will build a good demo for them πŸ˜‰

  4. Sorry, if it’s only IE6 that’s not good enough. It’s 2006 people, compliance and adherance to standards for browser based products / platforms / applications is non-negotiable.

  5. Pfft. It’s the builder that’s IE6 only, and for internal applications using a specific browser makes a lot of sense.
    It reduces the testing load considerably.
    Why would I want my internal application on a platform that doesn’t vary to work across a variety of browsers ?

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