SliceWatch – WoW Rogue AddOn

Just to make WoW (World of Warcraft) more attractive to nerds, Blizzard has used a programming language (Lua) to write all the UI components.
What’s even cooler is that you can write your own client side components that can do special things.
So, I did. I play a Rogue on the Dragonblight server (Pewsey, Human) in the raiding guild Crux. One of the raiding skills of the Rogue is the Slice and Dice skill, which (mapped to 4) is pressed about 20% of the time (65% backstab, 14% feint, 1% vanish).
One of the things I have a difficulty with is that the buff icons are at the top of the screen, and it is hard to see when slice and dice runs out. So I created this little addon that has a moveable window that displays the current status of slice and dice.
You can move the window using shift-right click and drag.
The commands are ;
/slicewatch showalways (always shows the window)
/slicewatch shownever (never shows the window)
/slicewatch showcombat (only shows the window in combat)
SliceWatch will not load if you’re not a rogue. (Which might mean it fails on the Euro servers because I might have the name wrong – let me know)
It currently changes the background colour to Red when there is less than 3 seconds left on Slice and Dice. This isn’t configurable (unless you edit the Lua)
Download the addon from here: SliceWatch
Edit: Update – minor bug with the showcombat option.


2 thoughts on “SliceWatch – WoW Rogue AddOn

  1. Dunno Cos. It’s a pretty friendly language for non-developers (very C-like, familiar to PHP/Perl users).
    Got some neat things in it, but probably nice for the game devs because it looks like it links into C libraries very easily.

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