BouncyCastle release 1.32 now available

The latest relase of BC is now ready after a couple of false starts in the beta process.
Thanks always to our tireless reporters of issues, one day maybe all vendors will create certificates in the same way.
New features in this release include support for elliptic curves over F2m, suport for ECDSA with CMS and S/MIME, and support for a wider range of PSS signature types in CRL and certificate verification. In addition further work has been done on improving path validation compliance with RFC 3280, OpenPGP text signatures now work correctly in environments with ‘\r’ as a line separator, a typo in the header for OpenPGP clear text SHA256 signatures has been fixed, several encoding compatability issue with the streaming CMS and S/MIME APIs have been fixed and it should now be possible to stop the S/MIME parsers from leaving temporary files around in all operating system environments.
As usual, the latest releases can be found at :
And for those who like living on the bleeding edge, the betas can be downloaded from: