2005 The Year That Was

2005 would have to rate as one of my best years. The Eaves family managed to finish the year fit and healthy, and the extended family is all damn good as well. One minor incident involving the mother-in-law and her heart stopping, but she’s good, got a pacemaker and enjoyed Christmas with the family.
On the work front, I’ve got a new job at ANZ Bank which I was bit hesitant about, but am absolutely loving it. ANZ is a great employer, and the area that I’m working in is brilliant. You have to understand the large corporation “culture” to not go mad, but I’ve been given license to be a heretic, and am making significant impact as I inflict myself on projects within ANZ. Thanks for the opportunity Alan, Nick & Joel.
However, best….news….ever….
In June 2006, I’m going to be a dad. So, fingers crossed that everything continues to work out well. Sue is fit and healthy, and all the reports from the doctors are that “bump” also is.
One hope for the New Year is that the world starts to get it’s shit together and stop shooting and blowing each other up. The world has a bigger problem which is human induced climate change, and unless the world governments starts to take this seriously, this fucked up weather will kill every living thing on this planet.
Screw the stupid religous differences, we have a global issue that will mean that we’re pretty much fucked unless we all get together and do something.


4 thoughts on “2005 The Year That Was

  1. Congragulations on such a wonderful news, will be a new life expreince for you. My best wishes for u and Sue. And yes, happy new year.

  2. Bump! That nickname’s gonna look great on the back of a Twenty20 cricket shirt. 🙂
    Climate change. Here here. Flannery and Diamond rocked my world too last year and they’ve obviously rocked yours too big fella. Read anything else on the subject that piqued your interest?

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