Why _not_ Ruby on Rails

I’m always amused to see what the latest craze the ADD crowd is up to and Jon Tirsen is pretty much the poster child for that revolution. Of course it’s Ruby on Rails, and while the Ruby guys have kept their heads down the Rails crowd keep poking away at Java.
So, I was looking an Jon’s latest entry entitled “Why Ruby on Rails” and it has a photo of a big stack of “Java books” (which amusingly includes Fowlers POEAA) and the 2 Ruby books. So I clicked on the link in my RSS reader and going to Jon’s website I’m greeted with:

Precondition Failed
The precondition on the request for the URL /articles/2005/10/28/why-ruby-on-rails evaluated to false.

So, I’m glad I use PHP for my blogging software.
I mean, if blogging software doesn’t work reliably in Rails, by one of the experts, then what hope do mere mortals have writing their enterprise applications…


6 thoughts on “Why _not_ Ruby on Rails

  1. Many, many people have had to use lighttpd instead of Apache (e.g. TextDrive) because of FastCGI problems. Who ever said lack of deployment issues would be a problem for rails, eh Jon?

  2. I’ve actually switched back to good ole trusty Apache.
    You’re correct, Sam, you’ll have deployment issues regardless what technology you choose. Especially if it’s something new and piping hot like Rails.

  3. Jon, MovableType is good old fashioned Perl. Maybe Perl needs a nifty tag; “Perl on Rails”, “Perl on Shiny Oyster Flesh”, “Perl on Datsun 180B” – Dunno

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