215 km in one day

Well, I made it. The Melbourne round the bay in a day. I feel awesome at the moment, just staggeringly good all things considered.
Started at 5.00am (which is a struggle at the best of times) and made it to Queenscliff by 9.06am. 4 hours for 112 km. On the way there were a couple of nasty crashes, including one of our team (get well Carlos!).
Caught the ferry to Sorrento, and caught up with my brother-in-law Peter (wow, what good luck eh).
Waited for 45 mins in Sorrento for some teammates of Peter. We all started on the way home, and after a fairly uneventful ride home got in at just after 3.00pm.
Total time riding was 7 hours 55 minutes, average speed of 27 km/hr.
Things of note were:
1. 4 people (3 guys 1 girl) doing the 100km ride on unicycles
2. Pulling in a Frankston (lower socio-economic area) and stopping at traffic lights to watch 3 of the locals walk past sucking down cigarettes and drinking from stubbies in stubbie holders as they cross the road.
3. Having people sit outside their houses and cheer and clap as we rode past
For those people thinking of going in the round the bay here are some things you might find interesting.
1. Riding to Geelong/Queenscliff is boring, so it’s better to do it in the morning and ride from Sorrento to Melbourne in the afternoon.
2. Riding from Sorrento to Melbourne in the afternoon means riding along Beach Rd when it’s a zoo, especially when it’s sunny like today was. With tired people, cars etc, all adds up to crashes.
3. You can’t possibly eat enough. Keep eating and drinking all the way around in 45-1hr interviews.
4. Back and neck soreness was my biggest concern on the day. Really, really painful between the shoulders. However, 15 minutes off the bike – it’s gone.
5. It’s dangerous. Lots of people are not used to riding in packs (myself included). Biggest crash I saw (about 10-15 people) came because a person panicked in the middle of a pack and tried to pull out. Clipped a wheel, and down they fell.
6. Susi and I did a reasonable amount of training. We’d ride 70+km plus each weekend, and did about 3-4 100+km rides (including 2x 150). From people that had ridden this before they said that if you can do 150km and not pull up too bad the next day, then you can make it. I’d agree with that, provided the weather is ok. If the weather was bad, or windy, then I’d say you need to do more riding to feel good at the end.


8 thoughts on “215 km in one day

  1. Average speed of 27km/hr over a 210km ride is a very good effort.
    A small note on your posting :-
    Geelong/Queenscliff is boring – What about Spotswood, the Altona oil refineries (Ah the Olympic torch is still burning), Altona Meadows and the sweeping majestic grass lands of the Werribee planes………. Umm best to zip through those areas when one is asleep and don’t stop just in case someone nicks your fully sick wheels man!
    Well done Jon and Suzi!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to both of you, a top effort. Lot of time and effort gone into training, I can only imagine how great it must feel now 🙂

  3. Cant be that hard. Even I made it. The look of excitement as I met you at the finish line was amazing. Well done Jon.

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