The grass is always brown

During lunch today I managed to catch up with some ex-colleagues and have a good gasbag about the work we’re all doing. I was bemoaning the general level of Java experience in the industry, and was waxing lyrical about how few people understood what an “interface” (the Java keyword) is used for.
Quick as you like, Marty replied with:
“That’s where you declare your constants”
Needless to say, that brought a lot of laughing, and then we all collectively sighed as we realised that’s what we deal with on a daily basis.
Note for the sarcasm impaired; Marty doesn’t believe that. It’s humour, laugh.


2 thoughts on “The grass is always brown

  1. Yep
    public static int MY_VARIABLE_CONSTANT = 1;
    (At any rate someone said to me they had seen it done on a project where they should have known better.)

  2. He he… So too true. Btw, I’m really enjoying the London office (not to mention the life). It reminds me a lot about Melbourne. Hope you’re enjoying your new role and not getting too frustrated!

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