We’re getting closer

Today was a big day – I managed to ride 120km in under 5 hours. This is more than half the Round the Bay In a Day distance (220km), it’s also nearly the 150km we’ll ride in Adelaide next year.
We started early to miss the wind. Made it down to Mordy (45km) in a couple of hours, but this is where it all went bad. Northerly wind blew up (not due until Sunday) and we had to content with 30km/h winds gusting to 60 all the way home.
Susi decided she’d had enough and went home after 90km, and I pushed on for another 30km. I felt pretty good for the achievement after I finished, but I am shattered.
Be very interesting to see how I fare tomorrow. The ride today is probably the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done. That includes a 60km MTB ride in 40 degree (Celcius) heat.