100.29 km

As my wife has mentioned we went for a ride on Saturday.
This is my longest ride that I have attempted, and has been a pretty good test for my arm. Sadly, it’s my aching back that’s giving me more grief, and shows that I need to put more effort into flexibility as much as strength and endurance.
I pulled up at the end of the ride OK. My legs were tired, but I was far from shattered with exhaustion. I probably could have ridden another 50 without too much trouble.
We rode the 100km in just under 4 hours (3:56), which I’m pretty happy with, given that there are significant parts of the ride where we have to pootle through city streets to get to the open road, have traffic lights etc. On the open roads (and even with a very nasty headwind at one stage) we would sit on 28-35km/hr which I didn’t think was too shabby.
Ok, so it’s not going to win Le Tour, but that’s not the reason. We have a 220km ride in October, and 150 km ride in January as our aims, and provided I can finish those with a bit of a spring in my step, I reckon I’ll have made a pretty good comeback to fitness.
It’s important to keep looking forward at what you _can_ do, not always worrying about what you _can’t_ do. And that goes with everything in life. Set goals, stretch yourself, find something you enjoy and do it more. Live life and be a participant, not just a spectator.