Goodbye G00fy

On Tuesday night I bid farewall to my motorbike. I finally gave it to common sense as my arm is too badly injured to be able to control the bike at anything above walking speed.
I had a bunch of great times on the bike, and it was mechanically brilliant. It was (is) a 1992 Honda CBR600, basically bulletproof and is going to a new owner that will love and care for it (and ride it more than I will). I bought it new, and have managed a number of rides on Phillip Island racetrack which will still remain one of the highlights of my life.
I don’t know what the quality of Honda engineering is these days, but I can’t fault the bikes of the era of mine. All the owners I’ve ever met have raved about how you have to shoot the bikes to kill em. I hope that’s still the case.
I can’t help feeling that a little bit of my youth just left me when I sold the bike. I think I’ll have to try and find something equally as dangerous, stupid and exiting to try to maintain it. Growing old isn’t about growing up.


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