Ivy – A better Maven ?

From the “stuff I found on the Web but dont’ have enough time to play with” department.
Looking at the website, it appears that it does the dependency resolving stuff from Maven, with out the horror that is Jelly.
Definitely worth a look on my next project.
Ivy Home Page


3 thoughts on “Ivy – A better Maven ?

  1. A couple of completely unbiased alternatives 🙂
    If it is just Jelly that you don’t like, you might like to take the Maven2 preview for a spin – Maven is more than just a dependency management tool after all.
    But, if you are just looking for dependency management in Ant, you might like to try the Maven2 Ant tasks for dependencies and deployment – currently only in our SVN repo, but coming soon.
    I’ve also had PGP signing of those deployments on my list for a while (using bouncycastle, of course!) – any interest?

  2. I’ve given Ivy a go. I must warn viewers that:
    1. The documentation is sketchy
    2. There are some bugs around http proxying and configuration caching.
    3. The configuration is not quite intuitive.
    Having said that
    1. The forum support is good.
    2. It’s a damn sight easier to use than Maven.
    3. It works.
    The source control repositories of my ant-based projects are now lib free. Hurrah!
    Thanks for linking to Ivy Jon.

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