19 degrees

Not the temperature in Melbourne today, nor the separation between myself and Natalie Portman. It’s the final limit on the straightening of my arm. My physio has told me that’s as good as it’s likely to get in the short term. He’s inflicted enough pain upon me to realise that it’s at the “bony” limit and not the muscles/scar tissue limit. Maybe in the next couple of years it will slowly get straighter, but not right now.
The further news was that there was nothing I could have done to have made it better (apart from not doing it in the first place). The carnage and the surgery was significant enough that the range of motion that I’ve achieved is considerably above average. With both my physio and my surgeon very happy with the result, I suppose that I should consider it successful, but there is always the nagging feeling that I could do better.
Strength is my next goal, but I’ve been told to keep off the very heavy weights, so swimming and light weights, as well as working on the rotation should keep me busy for the next 3-6 months.


2 thoughts on “19 degrees

  1. Good to see u are recovering well Jon.
    On a ligter note though, if u start bowling and esp. if Darlly Hair is the umpire he might call u a chucker . I’m talikng about cricket here, u would know this, u are from boonies land isn’t it ;-). So some motivation to keep going to make it further to 14/12 degree, if i recollect rigt u need this before u are not called a chucker :-).

  2. Yes, I hail from the Land of Boony. However, provided my arm stays bent at 19 degrees when I bowl there is no issue.
    It’s only an issue if I straighten it during the delivery action.
    So, it’s perfectly acceptible to have a deformity which prevents you from straightening your arm, and bowl. And it’s perfectly possible to do so without bending it more and then straightening it.
    I know, I’ve tried 😉

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