Wink – Tutorial & Presentation Tool

Now, this is cool. Generates Flash that can be used for doing tutorials. I’ve looked at a number of the commercial ones, and they didn’t work all that great. Maybe this one is better. I haven’t had a chance to play with it, and I don’t know how complex the results it can display are, but it does look rather promising.
Anyway, it’s available here.


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  1. Creating Presentation Videos

    One question that is often asked: How do I create presentation video clips of my software, if screenshots are not enough. For Unix ? – and GNU Linux -users I would recommend Xvidcap which captures parts of an X11 display and creates a MPEG file.

  2. I just downloaded it as well, and made a PDF and an SWF easily. So far so good!
    Thanks for posting this. I had been looking for a tool that did this, but wasn’t satisfied with anything – either it didn’t work right or was too expensive (Macromedia Breeze). Right now, I’ve been doing the old ctrl-printscreen or SNAG-IT (another cheap $40 must-have tool) for AVI movies to create ‘howto’ documents. I much prefer the SWF due to the smaller file size and things like bubble help – which I need to figure out how to add in this tool. Very cool!

  3. Jon,
    Thanks for bringing this up, looks good as i have bean looking fot open source tools to write a tutorial, this is worth looking , otherwise Forest or Docbook.. looks the way.

  4. I just downloaded this, and think it’s great! I’m a computer/technology teacher, and my brain is just buzzing with ways I can use this!

  5. Wink (2.0 build) did a great job for us. In less than a day, we had business-like presentation operational on our website (100+ slides).
    Wink is a winner!!

  6. For a free slide-show type tutorial, I have had a lot of success with ScreenBooks ( It really rocks! If you look closely, the ScreenBooks home page was done with Joomla:). It isn’t obvious at first.

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