Books arrived!

My copies of Beginning JavaServer Pages arrived in the mail today.
It was fun, but very difficult to write a beginners book. It’s hard to remember that you need to explain things in detail to reinforce principles and to take things slowly when doing examples.
It’s a bit of a tree-killer. Weighs in at 1200 pages, so if you don’t like it, you can use it to prop up your monitor.


9 thoughts on “Books arrived!

  1. I’ve never been a fan of the WROX style of book. Mostly because they’re not books that give me the information in the way that I like.
    However, after seeing the sales of Professional Tomcat 5, I can say that there are definitely markets out there for “do it exactly this way” styles of books.
    I spoke with my brother ( about the differences, and he is aware of significant differences in teaching styles between countries, and as a result, different book styles will appeal to different groups.
    Of course, this is a horrible over-simplification, but it may account for why WROX books sell well in some places and not in others.
    This was emphasised by some of the comments I got from my first book, where I wrote it as I’d like a book. There were people complaining that “it didn’t tell me exactly what to do” and “you put in instructions for Microsoft and not for Unix”. I kinda figured that most people would be able to work it out if you provided concepts and examples. This clearly isn’t the case (reinforced by what Nick said) and so you have to write accordingly.
    Maybe I should encourage my bro to blog a bit about the different sorts of teaching styles that he has come across and what impacts that has on learning.

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  3. That’s not WROX’s doing. That’s mine. I didn’t want to impact sales.
    I was also worried about lawsuits from frantic mothers who’d had their children scared while accidentally browsing the books.

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