Using computers automatically makes you an unfit slob ? I don’t think so….

I’m reasonably fit. Not super fit, but reasonably fit, and I really hate the media portrayal of computer users and game players (of which I am also a big devotee). The media like to blame all the worlds ill on “something else” rather than “the kid is fat because they eat crap and never move”. It’s always “computers and the TV are to blame”. No, the kid is, or the parents are. Stop feeding the little bastards so much crap. Take them outside for a walk, go play in the park. Life is about balance.
To the real point. I was looking at a blog comment from yesterday from Peter and went to his website.
So, the next time somebody would like to point out how lazy, unfit and averse to physical exercise that nerds are, check out the Epic Camp blog entries. Have a good read of the distances that are covered each day. Bloody hell. I was tired just reading it.
Go team nerd !!!