Did the world just take a weird shift …

With one of the most dodgy places in the world to play cricket in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s just complaining about the umpiring in the Australian summer.
Now, this could be attributed to a bunch of things (like dumb bad luck), but the coach is complaining that excessive crowd pressure made the umpires make mistakes in favour of Australia. Of course, Bob (Woolmer, Pakistan coach) isn’t saying that the umpires are cheating, but the Pakistan Cricket Board is calling for neutral umpires for all ODI’s.
Well, this might make sense if the Australian umpires were making all the mistakes, but according to the report, the international umpires “had been as much at fault”. So, neutral umpiring will not help.
I’ve got another explanation. The Pakistan team was rolled by the best team going around at present in both the one day and test arena, and they generate far more “half chances” than other teams so having a raw number like 25-3 (quoted in the article) is meaningless. How about comparing the percentage of appeals and “possible outs” rather than just the “number of incorrect decisions”.
I watched a lot of the tests and ODI’s and I found the umpiring pretty good. There were some unlucky decisions both ways, but I’m guessing that most of these errors are related to LBW (as always; apart from the shocker against Brian Lara, that was awful) in which the umpire has less than 0.5sec to work out if it’s OK or not.
I can’t see how neutral umpires will help. It will only make the game more expensive, and reduce the ability for a “soft” introduction of local umpires into international matches. The ODI route has been a tried a true path for umpiring to the demands of the test arena (as with players) and I see it as an important link between state/county/regional umpiring and international umpiring.


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  1. Australia is a good team elevated to greatness on the back of biased umpires, to me they will never be a great team until they win without biased umpires, each of there top order ends up getting 2 or 3 lives, they are good players but not great, its time they started to play the game in the spirit it was meant to, instead of having to cheat to win,
    in years to come people will look back on this australian team with the same scorn as they do on indian teams of the 1950’s, they are an embarrasment to everything the game stands for, i’d be ashamed to support them

  2. Dear “cricketfan” who’s not even brave enough to leave their own name. (Posted via New Zealand, how interesting. Pre-emptive strike maybe ?)
    If Australia only won at home, then your rediculous spouting might have some merit. However, they’ve beaten, and in some cases convincingly (clean sweep of Sri Lanka comes to mind) opposition on the home soil. No Australian umpires around.
    So, what you’re basically saying is that all the current umpiring panel, from all countries around the world are biased towards Australia. Yeah, sure. That’s right. I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I’d like some.
    The joy and appreciation of cricket should transcend the boundaries of geography and nationalistic fervour.
    I can appreciate the genius of Lara and Tendulkar. The sublime bowling of Alan Donald and the thrashing of Jayasuriya in full flight. I love watching Dravid take it up to Australia and the belligerence of Ranatunga getting under the skin of all he plays against. I remember the devastation of Holding, Garner, Marshall and the swagger of Richards. I hold the Windies team of the 80’s in the highest regards. Watching Kapil Dev destroy batting attacks and the flourish of David Gower. I love _cricket_.
    How could somebody be embarrassed to cheer on Gilchrist or Clarke and the way they play the game ? The brilliance of Warne ? Watching McGrath bowl with unwavering line and length for over after over. The bouncing mullet of Dizzy after taking a wicket and Ponting pulling the short ball are all delights to watch. If you don’t understand that many of these players are as great as any who have played then I’m sorry for you.
    Now, who’s the real “cricketfan” ? I love the game, and I love the way that Australia is playing it at the moment. And so should everybody who loves the game.
    Have a look at cricket without the rediculous nationalistic fervour thats poisoned your watching of the game. Who knows, you might even learn to love the game, rather than just when “your team” is winning.

  3. Dear Jon Eaves,
    Of course you are rattled by “cricketfan’s” comments, it is obvious you love your Aussies. Too bad that despite hailing from a country with the first language as English (or whatever crap you speak out there and call it as English), you cannot distinguish between YOU’RE and YOUR. Read your statement above and you’ll know what I mean.
    By the way, buddy…it’s common knowledge how your favorite bunch of goons have ruined cricket throughout its entire existence. Your illiterate bunch of thugs, have been responsible for sledging and not to mention the great UNDER ARM stink. I don’t sense an ounce of decency or sportsman spirit in the Aussie way of playing. Your umpires ALWAYS cheated!! Yes, they have! As for your victories overseas…no doubt they are genuine. That doesn’t take away the fact that many decisions have gone in the Aussie favour when it could have gone the other way (rather, MORE the other way). You people have tried to ruin Muralitharan’s career knowing very well he’d overtake Warne’s fat lard a** anytime. Your team NEVER gets fined for sledging or cussing at a batsman. Please…you may claim to enjoy the brilliance of other team’s players, but it’s obvious that it is primarily due to the high headedness you’re (that’s YOU’RE not YOUR) experiencing as a result of the success of your illiterate goon of a team.
    Your team cheats and stinks..and I cannot wait for the day your team is stomped so badly that their entrails are forced out their rear ends! GO ENGLAND!! KILL THE AUSSIES! BRING BACK THE ASHES!

  4. Anand,
    Thank you so much for your kind and incisive comments. It’s always fantastic to learn communication skills from somebody clearly as expert as yourself.
    And thank you for your English lessons. I’ve corrected the error. You will notice that I did happen to use the word correctly in other places, so maybe it was a typo, or a mistake rather than a general lack of command of the English language ? Could I expect charity from a Englishman ? Maybe not ? You did send us all out here in the first place.
    If England wins the Ashes, I’ll be cheering long and hard for the way they play. It will be even better if it’s a close result.
    I do love my Aussies. However, as I’ve said a number of times before, the sport of cricket is more important to me.
    Nothing you, or others like you will make me change that. It’s sad how much joy you must be missing in the game when you resort to personal attacks on players, and your general ignorant statements just smacks of being whiney. Of course, the English players are paragons of the game (as are clearly the rest of the world from what I’m starting to understand) and it’s only the Australian players that resort to any form of play that could be described as “just not cricket”.
    It’s funny how people attacking me, and the Australian cricketers are full of bile and vitriol, and refuse to acknowledge that great cricketers do come from my country. However, from supposedly the nation full of sledgers and poor sportsmen, there is nothing but praise for the way that other teams play the game. Irony perhaps.
    That’s ok. You’re allowed to be whiney. I just feel pity for you.
    Maybe you’d like to share with me some of your expert commentary on the current test match ? All the decisions went Australias way ? NZ were just plain unlucky to be cheated out of it by the umpires and the sledging Australians ?
    I await your response with great anticipation.

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