NetBeans 4.0 – Picoreview

As the result of a challenge last night, I’ve just installed the version of NetBeans 4.0 that is on the Sun Developer DVD given out to attendees of James’ talk in Melbourne today.
Well, it installs nicely, and looks slick. Integration with Tomcat was great, I imported a servlet that uses BouncyCastle crypto, and it did this without a hitch. I had hassles finding the key binding setup (I was looking for an ’emacs’ mode) and the only thing I could find was a big long list of keybindings.
Still, I could live with that. So, in search of refactoring commands…. Uh….. Oh….
Sun, what are you doing ? A pathetic number of refactoring commands that makes the refactoring in WSAD look powerful.
So, deleted this off my system for now. When NetBeans actually gets support for the reasons that I use an IDE, then maybe I’ll consider it. Looked pretty slick otherwise, and appears to startup faster than Eclipse 😉


2 thoughts on “NetBeans 4.0 – Picoreview

  1. Yeah, I pretty much had the same experience (although I went looking for a decent [angry fruit salad] syntax colouring scheme rather than keybindings)

  2. NetBeans, in their infinite wisdom, are yet to include decent refactoring support into the core of the IDEA. There is a plugin, based on the JRefactory suite, but frankly I’d rather do it by hand.
    It is on their roadmap, but the obstacle is that they need to build a better AST model into the IDE to be able to do it.

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