Ken Schwaber Talk

A must listen to talk. Very articulate and puts a lot of things in context. Regardless of your position on Software Development Methodologies, this is a fascinating talk.
Wrestling Gold from Today’s Software Projects


2 thoughts on “Ken Schwaber Talk

  1. I noticed that the other day and got all excited. But it seemed kind of like the same old Agile/Scrum stuff I’ve already heard and read.
    What parts did you like?

  2. My highlights were;
    1. Talking about how Agile exposes problems early, and in an obvious way.(I don’t like Scrum, before I was using it I didn’t know I was going to be late)
    2. Talking to the manufacturing guy, and the (embarassing) realisation that the manufacturing industry hasn’t been doing “Waterfall” development for 25 years because it doesn’t work.
    Much of it was “the same old stuff”, but it’s said in a very articulate way, and something that you can give others to listen to that’s possibly less threatening than a book.

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