New Halflife 3 screenshot

Just released from an industry insider (*), this pre-release screenshot of Halflife 3 currently under construction.
Streets of Suburbia (200kb)
(*) This really did come from somebody who writes games for a living, who works for Atari.


20 thoughts on “New Halflife 3 screenshot

  1. Ok, this is not a real screenshot. It is a real picture that I have seen before this, and has nothing to do with Half-Life at all. Plus if it was, the hand would have a glove, and the car is a Honda Taxi, so it is doubtful to be in an HL game. The other thing is that Valve would not use a real car for their game. It is called COPYRIGHTS! So it is definately a fake!

  2. Are you guys BLIND???!!! Cant u see that it is a fake?! Its a real live taken picture for good sake!!!

  3. If anyone saw this with knowledge of videogames or hl2 they would crap themselves with laughter because there are too many problems with it its a total fake first there is no glove on freemans hand the water on the ground is “too” real even for a pre renderd 3d max image and camon if you believe this is real i want you to go to flush yourself down the toilet because that accually working is the same chance that this image is real… Stop Posting This Pic!!!

  4. Wow, stop freaking out. I’m pretty sure everyone can tell it’s a joke. I for one think it’s a really funny one. No one thinks this is actually a screenshot, it’s just for laughs. Yikes…

  5. Half life 3 is coming
    You thought it was never going to happen ?
    Think AGAIN !!!
    this is a real screenshot not fake comfirmed by Gabe himself !!

  6. This screen is in our computer newspaper in Poland but i think its fake becouse its fuzzy like in the real photo and i see other screen from HL2 and it is on Source engine.

  7. Anyway, Sabdy’s right Alyx does have gloves….and it’s not like she ever takes them off or anything

  8. also look at the size of the headcrabs compared to the stairs, and the barrel in the background, both the headcrabs and barrel look fuzzy compared to rest of pic and shadows are also out of whack

  9. one last thing….I CAN ONLY FREAKIN HOPE THAT THIS IS A REAL SCREENSHOT FROM HL3!!!! the engine must be tweaked a bit from HL2 and photorealism introduced, but i will shut up and let other ppl talk now…

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