Richie 0.6 Released (against my better judgement)

Well, I did say that 0.5 was likely to be the final version. However, I did get my second ever request for enhancement, and had a couple of minor parsing bugs that I’d fixed in my version, so it was worth rolling out to the masses.
The request for enhancement is a good one, and as it turns out fairly easy to implement. There is a new configuration option ircbot.pommyScoring. When set to true (now the default) the scores are read as RUNS for WICKETS. When set to false, it is the Australian scoring convention of WICKETS for RUNS.
There’s not been a great deal of testing, but you Poms listening to the ENG_RSA match, if you can give me some feedback on how it went, that would be good.
As with the previous versions, this download also includes source if you want it. Feel free to do what you want with it.
Download richie-0.6.jar (if you have an older version, replace richie.jar with this one)
Download (the full installation)
Download (the source)


One thought on “Richie 0.6 Released (against my better judgement)

  1. Hmm… can’t get pommyScoring to work.
    I put in the new jar file, and edited the config file with a line ircbot.pommyScoring=true, but to no effect.
    Sorry not written earlier – I didn’t look at this blog for a while, then was away from home for the 4th test.

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