Richie 0.5 has been released with One Day Game support

This is likely to be the final version. Yet another one of my toy projects built and then abandoned. As there was nearly no requests for additional functionality, I can clearly pronounce the project dead. If somebody feels the need, they can upload the source to SourceForge and allow all the thronging masses of developers just champing at the bit to work on such a prestigious open source project.
Of course, it’s been good as I’ve learnt a bunch of stuff;

  • How to use PircBot. A great library to make building of IRC bots trivial.
  • How to use FreeTTS. Another great library. It would be nicer if it was easier to create voices, oh well.
  • Using the Java regex package. The parsing is almost exclusively done via regex, and it manages to perform very fast.
  • An implementation of the Chain of Responsibility pattern. The line parsing is done by creating LineTranslator objects and having the IRC message line processed by each of the LineTranslators. This made adding new functionality trivial.

This version adds support for the one day game format used by CricInfo and also includes vastly superior parsing of the wicket taking information. Apart from the rather Hawking-esque quality of the sound, you could almost imagine you were listening to a Channel 9 broadcast. (I did say almost).
As with the previous versions, this download also includes source if you want it. Feel free to do what you want with it.
Download richie-0.5.jar (if you have an older version, replace richie.jar with this one)
Download (the full installation)
Download (the source)


2 thoughts on “Richie 0.5 has been released with One Day Game support

  1. I’m running Richie now (RSA vs England) Fun!
    You said you didn’t have any requests: how about this – they use “…” a lot; it would sound better if this forced a short pause.
    And a flag to set English score order (runs for wickets, not wickets for runs).

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