I am so cool

Well, at least my computer is. I’ve just installed an 80mm Thermaltake variable speed fan as an extra cooling option. I noticed that my hard drives were reporting that they were getting pretty hot, so I’ve taken a more than passing interest in the temperature of the insides of my mini-tower over the last couple of days.
After finding out that things were running at about 45 degrees (as reported by the sensors) but with no real other hassles, I thought I’d better do something. So, I installed it as a front of case fan, over the hard drives, and the temperature dropped to a stunning 35 degrees. I’d consider this a major success.
The only problem I’ve got is that I can’t work out how to get the mobo (Gigabyte) to monitor the fan correctly. I’ve used the connector to plug into the mobo, but the diagnostics tools (bootup and EasyTune5) both report the fan speed as ‘0’. It’s not, it’s whizzing around like a mad thing.
It’s presumably running flat out, but I can say I’m not all that fussed about trying to lower the speed, as it’s super quiet in the first place. In fact, I have to look at the fan to tell that it’s running, I can’t actually hear the fan. I built this PC to be as quiet as possible, so it’s got all quiet bits (like power supply, fans etc) and this new fan fits in perfectly.


3 thoughts on “I am so cool

  1. I need quiet bits in my tower too. It sounds like a jet taking off everytime I hit the power button. My next PC will be built with sound in mind.

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