More carnage in the Eaves family

This time not a human, but one of the cats. Maddy, our adopted daughter went missing last night. Now this isn’t terribly unusual as she often stays out very late and we’re trying to get he to eat a different diet because she keeps vomiting up Whiskas and I’m suspecting that she’s just paying out on us and making us all stressed.
So, Sue is really stressed, doesn’t sleep well, spends all morning creating “our baby is missing” flyers and putting them in the letterboxes. All 130 of them. That’s slightly larger than our entire suburb (well, not really).
We get good news in the early afternoon as a neighbour just up the road rings Sue to let her know that Maddy is in the back yard, under the rose bush. Our neighbour wasn’t terribly surprised that Maddy was there (or as their family calls her “the scaredy cat”) as she hangs around all the time slutting for food (my words, not our neighbours).
So, Sue trots up the road to get Maddy, only to find out when she picks her up, that Maddy has done herself a nasty injury and one of her rear legs is a bit on the mangled side. Well, full blown panic occurs now, and I’m summoned at work to organise visits to the vets and after some soothing words on the phone Sue decides to calm down a touch and gets our baby off to the vet.
The vet thinks she’s been clipped by a car and has a badly broken leg. There doesn’t appear to be any other damage, but we’ll hear later tonight after an X-ray. Sigh, it’s not been a great year for the Eaves’, but we haven’t lost anybody permanently, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Update: Maddy has a broken calf. It’s reasonably bad and the vet is going to put a pin in it on Monday. She’ll have the pin in for 8 weeks and then it will be taken out again. Maddy is staying with the vet until after the operation. Boo (our other cat) is wandering around a little confused because there’s nobody to fight with at the moment. Everything looks like it’s going to be OK.


8 thoughts on “More carnage in the Eaves family

  1. Our cat Parfait went missing last month. Someone eventually found him, but he wasn’t as lucky as yours. Very sadly missed. Hope Maddy recovers soon and has learnt a little about the dangers of the road!

  2. Our kittens, Amy and Coco, send a heartfelt “Mmmmmmmeeeeewwwww” to poor little Maddy. They said it’s a terrible thing when a sister goes down in the field.

  3. Sounds like competition to see who can get the biggest pin – what else could you expect from the Eaves’ 😉 Hope things get better.

  4. I went from amusement to laughter to concern to sympathy and back to laughter all in one post. It has all the components of a wonderful childrens story… and it has even expanded my vocabulary. I didn’t realise that a cat could ‘slut’ around for food 😉

  5. Three British “HUZZAH”s for Maddy. Cool story J, with a good Disney-style happy ending. Glad to hear it – I’ve lost too many cats over the years (and cried like a baby when Winston died in my arms a couple of years ago). Thankfully our other cat – Lolly – lives on to take eternal abuse from our 3yo daughter.
    I’m tempted to prompt you to search for a song called “Nobody’s Moggy Now” by Eric Bogle, but that would be such bad taste. Oh damn, I’ve gone and done it…
    (Thanks for your comment on the blog too – agree that Blogger is a Bugger with rego but I don’t have a webserver or static IP, so I’ve gotta bend over for them for now. Whaddyawantfornutin?)
    The Other J

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