Complexity derives from “infrastructure-oriented architecture”

From the “I don’t have much new to say, but I found this neat article” dept:
JD Tangney on Complexity
I particularly liked the quote : “It’s what you get when you give people the job title Architect”
Ignoring the XP-oriented slant, it’s damn good advice. Eric Evans in Domain Driven Design talks about how you can tell if you understand the domain, because your design will be simple. There’s a big lesson in that for everybody. If the code or design is hard, complicated and just down-right messy, then you probably don’t understand what you’re doing.
Oh, and for the record, “Streamlined Object Modelling” was not a book that I liked. If you like being told exactly what to do, and given a recipe for doing your job rather than thinking, then I suppose it’s a great book, but I really disliked it. Comparing it to Domain Driven Design does a major disservice to Eric.