Half-Life 2

Finished last night. Now my life can return to what passed as normal. Fantastic game with a couple of minor flaws.


3 thoughts on “Half-Life 2

  1. I hate the way the HL engine does ladders, it’s easy to get stuck on them.
    The other is the shadows. At least with my setup (Radeon 9700 Pro). The shadows would leak through things like stairs to the walls lower down. This was only in the Y-axis. X and Z axis walls didn’t “leak”.
    The game is a touch too linear. While I loved the cinematography, at times I felt like a passenger to the story. There was lots of great scenery “just out of reach” that I wanted to go and explore. But you were stuck in a train tunnel, or river or on a cliff road.
    Other than that, I loved it. Playing the game I really felt like a hero. Constantly having to battle against the odds with the team cheering you on. Very, very cool.

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