Richie 0.3 now available – With User Defined word pronunciation

A whole bunch of new features with Richie 0.3. The most significant is the User Defined word pronunciation. Now any words can be substituted with a phonetic helper for FreeTTS. So, instead of Kumble being pronounced “koombel” with the addition of “Kumble=koomblay”, Anil can have his name sounding somewhat better.
Of course, that also allows the subsitution of “Gillespie with Dizzy” which makes for somewhat more entertaining listening and of course can be happily personalised to your hearts content.
With this version there are some slightly better regular expressions for working with the IRC commentary lines, but as always I will have missed a bunch of corner cases. If you find something that doesn’t work well for you, then send me the line that doesn’t get spoken correctly.
The source is quite a bit more ugly this time around, as I’ve tried to get this done quickly rather than well. As before, have a look and laugh.