Ready for the 3rd Test – Richie is more configurable (and with source)

I’ve added some minor configuration updates to Richie. A complaint from a cow-orker was that there were two games running and it was impossible to listen to only one.
I knew about this but had ignored it to my peril. Oh well.
Now with the addition of the ircbot.commentator property, if this is set to a value, then only messages sent from that nick will be displayed. If it is blank, then everybody on the channel will be sent through.
With these changes, it is now possible to change the value of this while Richie is running, so during the change of innings, or if you want to listen to a different game that is being broadcast, change the file, and Richie will notice it in the next 120 seconds, and update on the fly. The file watching hasn’t been extensively tested, so it might explode badly. Let me know if it does. It works for my local testing, but I didn’t watch that carefully. The only property that is currently monitored for changes is the ircbot.commentator if you want to change the nick or server, then you need to restart Richie.
Also, I’ve now created a zip of the source for people to look at and laugh. At the very least it’s a start for anybody who would like to create something similar for themselves.
I’ve also started versioning the releases so people can update with less confusion.


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